Why Traveling Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Do

Thought Catalog

From the ages of 17 to 22, I had no money. I’m from a pretty standard middle-class background, but functionally speaking, I didn’t have money at my disposal. I was irresponsible and constantly accruing all manner of ticket and fine. A small credit card debt accrued at 18 years old — 500 dollars with Bank of America — took until 24 to fully pay off because I defaulted on it for so long. For some time, I was driving a 600 dollar truck with non-functioning brakes because I wrecked my own and had no money for a second. Sometimes it would just turn off and turn on again while I was rolling down the street. Because of my enormous irresponsibility, my parents (rightfully) refused to sign on college loans until I had my affairs in order. I went to a community college and slept on a mattress in a cheap…

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