Sometimes It Makes More Sense To Be Single

Thought Catalog

I was sitting across from my aunt in a seafood restaurant when I heard the statement that changed my life. Sure, maybe I knew it before, but it hadn’t so abruptly resonated with me until then.

“So, any men in your life?” she had asked. I have gotten this question so many times that I’ve stopped listening and crafted an automatic response to spit back as soon as the tiresome inquiry ends.

“No, I just can’t seem to find someone who is moving at the same pace as I am. I don’t like to stay in one place for too long and I have yet to encounter someone who is going in my direction.” There. I had rattled off the sad truth, packaged in optimistic words. Sometimes I worry it makes me sound pretentious or picky, but then I know that it has nothing to do with how others perceive…

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