The 11 Cliché Things You Learn After Studying Abroad

Thought Catalog

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1. You really can’t be afraid to make mistakes.

I know how cliché that sounds, but I’m mostly referring to the aspect of speaking another language. When I first arrived in Chile I was so set on pronouncing everything perfectly, making sure the tense was right, etc. It took away from being able to express myself because I didn’t want to be wrong and sound like a stupid American. But then I realized something – I’ve met many of people who don’t speak English super well, but I didn’t stop to think about that, or correct them. It really doesn’t matter as much as you feel like it does. Once I stopped being so attentive to mistakes, everything came more naturally, and I was understood regardless of if I was correct.

2. You have to realize that the closer you get to people, the harder it will be to…

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