6 American Habits That Seem Insane After You’ve Lived Abroad

Thought Catalog

1. Eating terribly, then eating insanely well.

America is the land of fried cronut burgers, and of raw-vegan-gluten-free-paleo cleanses, and NOTHING in between. Culinarily speaking, we’re like FSU freshmen named Brett who are pledging the most dangerous frat and only have two modes: bored sobriety, or beer bonging half a bottle of Rikaloff in someone’s front yard. And yet, no matter how much we oscillate between explosive childhood obesity rates and fashion models who are literally dying of malnourishment, there are never any real solutions. The idea of just “eating a little bit of everything, exercising moderation, and focusing on fresh/local ingredients where possible” is just not enough: It has to be dangerous overeating or crash dieting.

You go to countries where everything they eat is soaking in olive oil, and every meal comes with a glass or two of red wine, and people look healthy/live to a billion —…

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